Heal. Grow. Connect. Create. Welcome to the New You

Let’s just get down to it. My divorce hit me like a freight train I never saw coming. I didn’t have a inkling of what was happening until it was all over. In less than 12 months I lost my wife of 11 years to my “friend” of 4 years, I was demonized in the eyes of my 2 kids, I lost my business and went tens of thousands into debt, and my dog died. If you’re reading this, you probably have a similar story. Lesson #1: we’re not alone.

But this blog, this website, this network isn’t about that – what happened in the past. This is about what we’re going to DO about it.

Even if you’re in the thick of the breakup right now, it’s still about “what are you going to DO” about your situation? Hopefully, it’s comforting to know that you really only have 2  Choices. You either crumble under the weight and live the rest of your life broken and sad, or you pick yourself up,  Look at yourself honestly identify your faults admit them on them and vow to become a better person vow to become the best version of you you possibly can.

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