What We Are

The Divorced Dudes Network is a fraternal organization for any dude – not just divorced – who finds himself at roughly mid life, and for whatever reason, the reset button has been hit.

We do not exist to provide “assistance” in the financial, legal, psychiatric, or any other professional sense – DDN offers no professional advice of any kind.l, because we’re not professionals. We’re just like you – we’re going through the shit too, and just trying to figure it all out.

The Divorced Dudes Network is based in the acceptance that yes, this is indeed the “end”… of a PART of your life. But that end is only a heralding, a calling to the other side of this crisis. And on that other side awaits a new life, one rife with opportunity for us all. The opportunity to hit the “reset button”, to fix what is broken, to craft our new Selves, and a new life story. But this time, it will be to our specifications.

With each other’s help we will learn the things we’ve always wanted to learn, study the things we’ve always wanted to study, meet the people we’ve always wanted to surround ourselves with, have fun and laughs the way we’ve always wanted, and ultimately, achieve the lifestyles we’ve always aspired to live. This is no time to wallow in misery and self-pity. It is the perfect time to recognize and take ownership over your freedom, your life, your happiness.

As a member and contributor to the Network, you will be able to interact with others of like experience and like mind, others who have walked or are currently walking in your shoes. We can trade intelligence, stories, wisdom, jokes, dating tips, concert tickets, lawyer referrals, whatever.

If you feel your life has come to a tipping point, that no one “gets it”, that you’ve been ejected from your tribe and are left to start anew, then you are in the right place. This is your place to rest, reset, and rebuild. Join us, and discover your new tribe.

Published by The Divorced Dudes Network

We are here to help each other heal, learn, grow, reconnect with life and become the best version of ourselves.

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